Dr Chuck Ellington Republican For Congress

Dr Chuck Ellington Republican For Congress

Dr Chuck Ellington Republican For CongressDr Chuck Ellington Republican For CongressDr Chuck Ellington Republican For Congress


About DR. Chuck

Dr. Chuck Ellington (R-IL 15 Congressional Candidate) strongly supports President Trump’s vision to make America Great Again, and believes each congressional district, and indeed each American, can bring their own unique perspective on how to make that vision a reality on the ground and in our day to day lives.  

As a practicing family physician, licensed attorney, health policy expert, and assistant professor of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Chuck has extensive experience with the healthcare system and public policy as a whole. Dr Chuck's background and knowledge makes him uniquely suited to serve in the US House of Representatives. Since the House of Representatives controls the purse of the country, Dr. Chuck believes the American people have a right to know about their representative’s finances and where those finances come from. Consequently Dr. Chuck released his tax returns and encourages all those running for this office to do the same. 

Dr. Chuck's rural roots run deep. He was born in Tuscola to working class parents who instilled in him a strong faith in God, a deep love for America, and the conviction that with hard work and determination the opportunities this country provides are almost limitless. Dr. Chuck developed the strong conviction that all life is valuable, even the unborn, and that the second amendment guarantees responsible gun ownership. Dr. Chuck is a proud member of the NRA.  Dr. Chuck learned at a young age that conservative principles are a powerful tool to empower individuals, elevate communities, and create greater opportunities for all of us. As a proud husband to his wife Anita and loving father to his two sons, Gunner 15, and Jericho 12, Dr. Chuck strives every day to pass those values on to his children. Dr. Chuck loves the outdoors and enjoys taking his family camping, hiking, kayaking, and taking his boys target shooting whenever he can.

As a rural family physician practicing in Arthur, Dr. Chuck works daily to improve the health and lives of his community. Chuck not only sees the challenges his patients face every day, but opportunities to make their lives better. The rich land of central and southern Illinois produces some of the best crops in the world, and it also produces some of the most amazing, resilient, capable people you will ever find. These are the people who make America great, and Dr. Chuck would consider it an honor to serve as their Congressman.  

The Issues



Obamacare is a fiasco. It created a bureaucratic nightmare that put huge burdens on physicians and patients. Yet it failed to address significant problems with our healthcare system, especially in rural America. Left behind the Democratic Party, rural America has been mocked and derided by liberal elites for far too long. I will work to completely overhaul Obamacare. My health plan won’t be written by a lying MIT economist or an east coast liberal elitist who wants an economy crippling 52 trillion dollar Medicare for All program. Instead, It will be written by a practicing rural family physician who not only understands health law and policy but most importantly understands the day to day problems patients face. And it will be based on facts, not fantasy. Access to a primary care physician over time has been repeatedly shown to make you healthier, make you live longer, and cost the system less money. This needs to be the centerpiece of any healthcare plan. Obamacare did the exact opposite. Half of all service provided come from primary care, yet under Obamacare primary care only receives 2-3% of the total healthcare spending. Rural physicians and hospitals are hit the hardest. They operate with razor-thin margins with little or no support to meet these new administrative burdens. These insane regulations have caused rural doctors to close their practices and have caused many rural hospitals to close or be at risk of closing. When rural hospitals are gone, so is the largest employer in the community. I will work to completely overhaul Obamacare putting the focus where it needs to be—on primary care, supporting doctors who work in rural and underserved communities, helping rural hospitals stay open, and ending crippling bureaucratic regulations.

Also, Obamacare does nothing to fix the shortage of primary care physicians, especially in rural America. Residency training programs, which are funded by the federal government, often produce primary care physicians that do not practice in rural or underserved communities. Many of their graduates do not even practice in the United States. This needs to change. I will propose legislation to hold these programs accountable. They need to train young doctors to practice where they are needed most—right here in the United States and in rural and underserved communities. I will also work to strengthen and increase support for community health centers and rural health centers. These clinics are on the front lines providing much-needed services for the most vulnerable populations every day. We also need more primary care training programs. I will work to create partnerships between training programs and the VA system. More teaching programs connected to VA hospitals and clinics will enhance the education and training of young doctors, increase the likelihood they will practice in the VA system, and improve access to care for our veterans. I will do everything in my power to help our veterans to get better health care, better mental health services, and a VA system that works for them. They fought for us, it’s time we fight for them.



Make no mistake, the foundations of democracy are under attack. Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats are bound and determined to overturn the will of the American people and reverse the results of the 2016 election. No president has done more good for the American people with less time and a more hostile Congress than President Donald J. Trump. Democrats are furious that their anti-American, socialist, liberal policies are not being enacted and the harm of the Obama administration is being reversed.

The impeachment hearings are nothing but a farce. The investigation is a witch hunt. Just as Democrats made up the phony “Russian collusion” charges, they are taking the President’s words out of context to hide the crimes of the son of their favorite Democrat nominee for president. God willing, the Democrats will lose their majority in 2020, however, if they remain in power, this anti-democratic process will not stop. As your congressman, I will fight with our president to preserve the will of the people and end this phony impeachment process.

Energy and Economy


There is a strong relationship between health and wealth. When people have good jobs that pay a good wage, they are more likely to be healthier. When people are healthy, they are more likely to feel like working and being productive employees. The two fit together like hand in glove. Under President Trump, the economy is booming and unemployment is at a fifty-year low. However, here in the 15th District unemployment is over 2 1/2 times the national average. More can be done. The Democrats war on coal needs to end. We have enough coal in this country to last 300 years. Further, coal is necessary for the production of steel. When we rely on China for steel production we put our entire national security at risk. Further, when the coal mines closed down, many jobs were lost and many local economies suffered. However, carbon capture technology and near zero-emission coal plants hold great promise. They could provide numerous good-paying jobs and revitalize the coal industry and the economy of our region. I will fight to put these facilities right here in our district where it’s already been shown they can be feasibly built. When successfully established these facilities will be a model for the rest of the county and even the world.

Taxes and Spending


President Donald Trump’s tax reform has done more to stimulate the American economy than Obama’s stimulus package could ever dream of doing, but that is just one step. We need to make these tax cuts for the middle class permanent; the American people deserve to keep their hard-earned money. 

However, this is not enough, and this is where Republicans are just as culpable as the Democrats. Entrenched powers in Washington DC continue to pass unbalanced budgets. The federal deficit is approaching $1 trillion. This is unsustainable. It is time for our leaders to make the tough choices needed for the American people. As your congressman, I will fight for a balanced budget constitutional amendment, forcing congress to only pass budgets that are within our means. I will fight for entitlement reform, cutting one of the largest costs on our federal government and bringing our tax books back in balance. Common sense says you cannot spend more than you take in. The government finally needs to operate like a business, with sound bookkeeping and accounting.

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